5 Ways to Adapt Your Facilities in a Changing Environment

When it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19 in your facilities, stepping up your cleaning game is a no brainer. But what about your long-term facilities management (FM) strategy and budget?

Here are some tips facilities leaders can use to forge ahead strategically during times of uncertainty.

Track your facilities management processes

Document all maintenance requests, infection control and compliance measures to ensure a safe environment for employees and customers.

Use technology to get ahead

FM technology is more than a place to track and store data. The right platform will provide insight into COVID-related trends, including:

1. Budget and spend

2. Work orders and outstanding requests

3. Month-over-month performance

4. Service provider activity

Plan for the future, adapt to the present

Efforts to combat COVID-19 evolve from one day to the next. To prepare for these changes:

Monitor shifts in regulations and safety protocols

Remain agile in your approach to preventive and reactive maintenance

Analyze your FM data on a routine basis and adjust processes when necessary

Keep personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand…

… and distribute to your facilities team accordingly. Facilities team members should wear a fitted face covering when performing maintenance or responding to requests in the field.

Identify gaps in quality or service delivery

Many organizations are working on a leaner budget, with a leaner team. Partner with an FM provider to:

Ease the burden on your current staff

Increase access to critical resources

Ensure service delivery that meets brand and cleanliness standards

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